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Plagron Bat Guano Fertiliser
Plagron Bat Guano Fertiliser

Plagron Bat Guano Fertiliser

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1 liter3 990 Ft
5 liter7 990 Ft

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Product code: GRO1767


Plagron Bat Guano is a well balanced, potent organic slow release fertiliser that is very rich in phosphorus.

Plagron Bat Guano is mixed into your potting soil at the beginning to help increase your plants root development and plant growth, but the main advantage Guano provides is an excellent boost of phosphorus released to your plants when they are in their flowering period, to help produce an abundant growth of large vibrant flowers.

The high levels of organic substances that are in Plagron Bat Guano will also allow for much less nutrients to be used when you are watering your plants, saving you some pennies whilst maximising your yield.

How To Use
Mix 1 litre of Bat Guano into 20 litres of soil.

Mix 5 litre of Bat Guano into 100 litres of soil.


1 liter3 990 Ft
5 liter7 990 Ft


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