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Plagron Hydro A/B nutrients
Plagron Hydro A/B nutrients

Plagron Hydro A/B nutrients

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1 liter4 990 Ft
5 liter14 990 Ft
10 liter24 990 Ft

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4 990 Ft

Product code: GRO1340


Hydro A & B is a highly concentrated bio-mineral nutrition base to be used in the growth and flowering stage of the plant. These two component liquid fertilizer contains all trace elements in a high quality chelated (DTPA).


Two component nutrient for the growth and flowering phases. Hydro A is a highly concentrated organic-mineral basic plant food for use during the plant’s growth and flowering phases. This allows the plant to develop optimally even if the pH value is not ideal or the soil temperature is too low. It can be used in all types of inert substrates.

  • Complete control over the nutrient and pH values.
  • Efficient intake of nutrients within a wide pH range. 
  • Highly concentrated, so economical to use. 
  • No crystallisation in nutrient tank. 
  • Suitable for all types of watering systems.


1 liter4 990 Ft
5 liter14 990 Ft
10 liter24 990 Ft


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