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Plagron Hydro Roots
Plagron Hydro Roots

Plagron Hydro Roots

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100 ml2 590 Ft
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2 590 Ft

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Plagron Hydro Roots is a root strengthening additive containing phosphorus and boron, which significantly promotes root growth and increases the resistance of the plant. The combination of components ensures an increase in nutrient absorption. The carefully selected mineral elements have a direct and positive effect on the plant's root system, and also help the roots to start and grow. A well-developed root system improves plant growth by increasing nutrient and water uptake.


  • Hydro Roots does not contain organic elements. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for cultivation in hydroponic systems. This also ensures that the nutrient solutions are stable for a longer period of time.
  • Thanks to phosphorus, it promotes root growth, increases root length and improves root cell division and root cell enlargement.
  • Boron increases the activity of enzyme systems, which results in better nutrient absorption.

Shake the nutrient solution well before use. Add 1 ml of Hydro Roots to 1 liter of water (1:1000). Use this solution at every watering up to the fourth week of the flowering phase for short-cycle plants. 

Frequently asked questions about Plagron Hydro Roots

Yes, this is no problem at all.
Since the main goal is for the plant to have enough roots at the beginning of flowering so that it can use its energy for flowering, it is advisable to stop dosing Hydro Roots after the third week of flowering.
The main difference is that Power Roots contains organic elements and is therefore less suitable for use in an irrigation system. We have developed Hydro Roots which is strictly mineral so it will not cause any problems in your (circulated) irrigation system. In summary, Power Roots are more suitable for hand feeding and Hydro Roots for regular feeding. If you insist, you can still use Power Root on a system, but make sure to clean it regularly.


100 ml2 590 Ft
250 ml4 490 Ft
1 liter9 990 Ft
5 liter41 490 Ft


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