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Plagron Terra Grow nutrients
Plagron Terra Grow nutrients

Plagron Terra Grow nutrients

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Plagron Terra nutrients are one of the best nutrient formulas we have ever used for growing potted plants in soil.

Plagron Terra Grow and Bloom nutrients are a highly concentrated one part formula that is suitable to use with all types of potting soil and irrigation systems.

Plagron Terra Grow will quickly build up your plant mass, providing the basis for good flowering formation to eventually develop on your plants and it will help to promote plant vitality and also to prevent diseases and stress in your plants, as the trace elements in a chelate form guarantee optimum availability.

Plagron Terra Bloom will provide an abundance of phosphorus and potassium to help your plants increase their flower formation and also size and when partnered with Plagron Green Sensation for a boost, the results you can achieve can be quite amazing.

The formula for these nutrients also has very little ballast materials which helps to reduce the amount of deposits left on your pots or inside your irrigation lines, a great all round one part nutrient for growing your plants in soil that we highly recommend you try.

How To Use
Terra Grow - Add 5ml per litre of water for maximum strength.

Terra Bloom - Add 5ml per litre of water for maximum strength.


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