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Eazy Plug coconut seed cube (50 pcs / 100 pcs)

Eazy Plug coconut seed cube (50 pcs / 100 pcs)

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50 pcs/bag4 990 Ft
100 pcs/bag7 990 Ft

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4 990 Ft

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The Eazy Plug coconut seed cube (50 pcs / 100 pcs) can be used in indoor and outdoor soils, hydroponic systems, deepwater cultivation and dry hydroponics. It creates an ideal environment and thus allows very fast and vigorous rooting and germination. Seed cube size: 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,0 cm.

With organic materials and special bonding methods, Eazy Plug seed cubes contain a predetermined pH and EC value as well as a fixed air-to-water ratio and are very easy to use. Because the cube can drain excess water, overwatering can be avoided.

Key features

  • self-regulating
  • easy to control
  • air pruning to significantly increase hair growth
  • suitable for gradual drier cultivation
  • compatible with all known growing media (eg rock wool, coconut fiber, black and white peat, garden soil, potted soil, soil-free mixtures, etc.)


  • Step 1: moisten the Eazy Plug seed cube

Allow the Eazy Plugs to fully suck up water with a pH of 5.8. Let it drain out excess water. Do not squeeze out or dry the plugs. Eazy Plugs are self-regulating and will only hold the water they need for an optimum moisture level and an optimum air-to-water ratio. The plug will feel much heavier than Rock-Wool, but that’s normal.

  • Step 2: take cutting 

Cut diagonally at a 45 degree angle just below a node or stem swelling, making sure to keep at least 3 nodes above your intersection. Remove all but a couple of leaves. Scrape a little of the outer layer at the bottom of the cutting, but not all around. Cut off a third of the top of the remaining large leaves.


50 pcs/bag4 990 Ft
100 pcs/bag7 990 Ft


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