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Ethiopian resin
Ethiopian resin

Ethiopian resin

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Simply put, resin incense is a form of incense that relies on raw materials from aromatic plants and herbs.  Resins are hardened secretions of plants, particularly coniferous trees.  Some of the most well known forms of resin that have been used for incense in the west are frankincense and myrrh, which were first used by the ancient Egyptians and which were once worth more than their weight in gold, so important were they as part of religious ritual.

Many resins that are used for incense contain powerful essential oils and can produce beautiful scents when burned all on their own.  There are several advantages to resin incense over other forms, most notably the "classic" nature of burning incense in this form.  Resins are natural incenses that do not contain any additives, and are just as effective now as they were when used by the ancient Egyptians. Another advantage to resin incense is that you can easily customize your experience by mixing two or more resins, or purchasing a pre-mixed assortment of resins.  Mixing resin incenses is a quick and fun way to start practicing making your own incense, because you can simply add a few different ingredients together and see how the scents react in unison.

Another advantage to resin incense is that it is a pure form of incense that is not diluted with a burning base or other substance such as those used to hold crafted forms of incense together.  And, since resin incense has been burned for thousands of years, you are sure to immediately feel its ancient power.  Our Celtic Blend of frankincense, myrrh, benzoin and lavender resins has been used in celtic protective and purifying rituals for centuries, and might be a good option for someone who wants to try out resin incense but doesn't know what to choose.  We also carry a number of other powerful resin blends which we find very useful both for ritual and mundane purposes.




50 g750 Ft 375 Ft


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