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Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original
Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original

Adjust a Wing Spreader Medium Original

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Medium4 500 Ft
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4 500 Ft

Product code: GRO1215


The Super-Spreader® combines common sense and innovation with advancements in effective surface technology to produce a truly Super Light Spreader!
The new design is attractive, lightweight and easy to install.
The 'Spreader Heads' are made from 97% reflective glass-coated aluminum with a prismatic micro-textured surface.

This incredible alloy is super cool, very reflective and creates even light distribution.
The prismatic surface reflects and redirects light in a selective 4-way pattern for incredible results!


  •     The design of the Super Spreader® is based on logic and simplicity;
  •     All horizontal reflectors create an over hot, over bright spot directly beneath the lamp;
  •     The Super-Spreader® spreads the excess light and heat proportionally to all areas of the grow room (especially the corners and edges which are often underlit);
  •     This creates even light and more harmonious growing conditions throughout the entire grow room.


  •     By attaching the Super-Spreader® accessory, the Adjust-A-Wings® performance may be enhanced significantly;
  •     Adjust-A-Wings® fitted with Super-Spreader® can be lowered to an unprecedented 10"-12" from growing plants to produce awesome growing power while maintaining maximum area coverage and minimum heat build-up;
  •     Yield increases of up to 50% are not uncommon with proper use of this truly outstanding product.


Medium4 500 Ft
Large4 990 Ft


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