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Light Rail 3.5 Smart Drive
Light Rail 3.5 Smart Drive

Light Rail 3.5 Smart Drive

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69 990 Ft

Out of stock
Product code: GRO0521


Light Rail 3.5, an adjustable, self-propelled light mover, moves your light system along a 6' aluminum track at a speed of 2' per minute. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, it carries reflectors up to 50 pounds.

* The Light Rail 3.5 Intelli Drive Motor pauses at each rail end for a customized time period from 0-60 seconds. * Add the 6' Add-a-Lamp Kit to your 6' Light Rail 3.5 to run two lights together along a twelve foot length. * The Robo-Stick Lamp Stabilizer is an adjustable lamp attaching device that positions, balances and stabilizes the lamp as you mount it to your Light Rail 3.5. * Replacement Intelli Drive motors also available. Two-year limited warranty on drive motor.


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