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Light Rail 4 AdjustaDrive
Light Rail 4 AdjustaDrive

Light Rail 4 AdjustaDrive

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111 990 Ft

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LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive will move any weighted indoor grow light. And, for those with heavier weights, we have Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels available as an upgrade option that are very easy to install. Then, you have the very capable LightRail Motor as well as the perfect trolley wheels for heavier grow lights. Those upgraded wheels are also recommended when multiple grow lights are moved with one Motor, using Add A Lamp Kits.

Note: For specialty grow lights with a long wingspan including light bars, we recommend using an Auxiliary Trolley to hold the other end of the grow light onto the Rail, or using LightRail 5.0.

LightRail 4.0 is a scalable system where up to three indoor growing lights can move in-line. That’s in addition to Add A Lamp Kits and all with the use of one light mover Motor. LightRail is perfect for any indoor grow light systems, greenhouse lighting, dedicated all season greenhouse grow lights, tent grower setups and commercial grow facilities. LightRail AdjustaDrive, the DIY light mover scalable for any space, should be considered an important part of your indoor grow kits, and an integral part of any indoor grow lights. LightRail 4.0 has a 0-60 second time delay for the ends of each run as well as a 2-4 feet per minute adjustable speed. The travel length can be set anywhere along the Rail by placing the Switch Stop stoppers where you like.

Grow equipment, especially indoor plant light, should always be maximized and LightRail is the most effective way to get the most out of your grow light system and indoor growing equipment. That’s for any indoor grow system or greenhouse, so let us help you plan out your space.  Simply let us know your planted area dimensions and the number of lights to move. And, we’ll then email you a custom schematic.

Note: LightRail 4.0 has an adaptable transformer power cord and runs on 12 VDC so works in the US, Canada, Europe and all other countries. A proper country-specific plug end would be needed, and we have EU and UK plug ends available upon request.


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