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Poppers Rush Rave Aroma 10 ml
Poppers Rush Rave Aroma 10 ml

Poppers Rush Rave Aroma 10 ml

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Rush Poppers is all about Rush, the most popular poppers brand available.
Captain Rush is a cartoon character created by the manufacturer, and you will now find him on every genuine bottle of Rush poppers. If he ain't there, you got yourself a fake.

The first effect of Rush, or any good poppers, is to totally relax the muscles in your body. But also, poppers cause vasodilation, or relaxation of blood vessels. This brings that nice, warm sensation and causes large amounts of oxygen-bearing blood to rush through your brain, so giving you that special "rush."

The increase in oxygen leads to a sudden intensification of positive emotions, and this increases one's lust and lack of inhibition, encouraging a sense of raw animal sexuality. But there is more.

Rush Aroma relax the muscles in your body, and it also relaxes the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are relaxed, more blood and oxygen move through the body. This increased blood flow results in an overall warm, relaxed sensation and gives a heightened alertness. This 'mental rush' provides the euphoric feeling that quality rush Aroma are known for. Give your party that special push it needs to become legendary. Keep the party rolling and going into the night with the best Aroma around.

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Not for human consumption! For aromatherapy only! Keep away from children!


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