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Rush Super Rush Black Label 24 ml
Rush Super Rush Black Label 24 ml

Rush Super Rush Black Label 24 ml

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1x 4 500 Ft
3x 4 275 Ft (-5%)
10x 4 050 Ft (-10%)

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Rush Super Rush Black Label is only recommended for use outdoors. Aroma for maximum safety, verified by an official importer.

Direct inhalation should be avoided as regular use in this manner may cause respiratory damage. Rush aroma is highly flammable, it is not recommended to use an open flame or smoke nearby. It can also be poured into an evaporator for faster evaporation, but due to its flammability, it is not recommended to light it! Its use is not recommended if you have circulatory problems or other medicines. In case of contact with skin / eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

It is especially worth avoiding fake flavors of dubious origin. Not suitable for human consumption, for aromatherapy purposes only! Keep out of reach of children!

Our quantity discount is also valid for mixed assorted aromas, but as a separate product, the webshop does not automatically calculate this. You can inquire about the discounted final amount at our customer service, or our colleague will contact you before the order is sent to discuss the details.


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