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Rush Ultra Strong Gold Poppers 24 ml
Rush Ultra Strong Gold Poppers 24 ml

Rush Ultra Strong Gold Poppers 24 ml

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Rush Ultra Strong Gold Poppers 24 ml contains of isopropyl nitrite, which creates a heightened state of excitement when vaporized.

Main features

  • gross weight: 80g
  • volume: 24 ml
  • active ingredient: isopropyl nitrite

Store in an upright position, protected from sunlight. Not for human consumption - for aromatherapy only. Keep away from children. Beware of fake aromas of dubious origin.

Use Rush aroma only in an open room. Do not inhale directly, do not inhale through your nose, as regular use in this way can cause respiratory damage. Rush aroma is highly flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame near it. If you want it to evaporate faster, you can also pour it into the vaporizer, but don't accidentally set it on fire! Do not use if you have circulation problems or if you are taking any medication. If it gets on your skin, splashes in your eyes, or if you swallow it, rinse it off immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor!



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