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Plagron Allmix Soil
Plagron Allmix Soil

Plagron Allmix Soil

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Is a 100% organic strongly fertilised soil for growers who want to grow organically in an easy way. Plagron All-mix is made up of the very best and carefully selected types of peat. The soil is especially suited for plants in small pots and growing in higher temperatures as All-mix is known for its long water retention, it is light and we have optimized its capacity of oxygen supply to the roots as a result of the addition of different types of fibres and perlite.

All-mix is a prefertilised soil for an average period of 6 weeks (depending conditions and strain of plant). Its nutrients are time-released. When using the right strategy you could do a complete cycle by just watering your plants.
This soil has a high and complete bio diversity and you don’t need to add any beneficial micro-organisms. For instance it contains Trichoderma for protection against harmful moulds, Mycorrhiza for a better nutrient supply and a higher root absorption capacity and wormcastings for rigorous root development , improved resistance and a strong growth.

When planting cuttings or seedlings in a strong prefertilised soil like Royalty mix, Bat mix or All mix, you will have to rinse the soil with water in order to flush out the immediately absorbable nutrients. The young seedlings/cuttings can’t handle the amount of nutrients in the soil at the beginning. An other option would be planting the cuttings/seedlings in a light prefertilised soil e.g. Plagron Light mix, Grow mix or our new available non-prefertilised organic Pro-mix. You might do this by repotting the plants or you take the size pot you want to flower your plants in fill the pot with mainly the strong prefertilized soil and in the upper center part of the pot where the young cutting/seedling is planted you use a non or light prefertilized soil.


50 l5 950 Ft


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