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Air-pot cserép (3/5/9 liter)

Air-pot cserép (3/5/9 liter)

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3 liter2 390 Ft
5 liter2 891 Ft
9 liter3 890 Ft

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2 390 Ft

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The radical design of the Air-Pot pot (3/5/9 liter) actively promotes the development of healthy roots. It actively enhances root growth and is reusable. Healthy roots mean healthy plants, faster growth and bigger yields. Plants are extremely easy to remove or transplant, and the containers are easy to store at the end of the season.


  • 3 liters: Ø 19.5 cm, height: 21.5 cm
  • 5 liters: Ø 23.2 cm, height: 23.5 cm
  • 9 liters: Ø 26.8 cm, height: 27.5 cm

Principle of operation

The shape of the pot wall guides each root towards an air hole. The air dries the tip, cuts it and stimulates the branching of the root. The process is repeated until there is a mass of healthy fibrous roots. The air holes also ensure perfect drainage and aeration of the growing medium, creating ideal conditions for healthy bacteria to deliver more nutrients to the plant. Better roots and faster growth also mean Air-Pot grown plants require more water and nutrients (hand watering is effective). Tanks are topped with two or more rows of uncut cones to prevent water from overflowing. Drip irrigation, which is used by professional growers, is recommended where possible.


3 liter2 390 Ft
5 liter2 891 Ft
9 liter3 890 Ft


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