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Herbal Aromatherapy Electronic vaporizer

Herbal Aromatherapy Electronic vaporizer

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For greater enjoyment, greater efficiency and greater purity, try Vaporite technology!

The Vaporite herbal and aromatherapy vaporizer is one of the latest models in what is becoming the best selling equipment in the world of herbs. Vaporizers are now known worldwide as the definitive answer to smoke reduction.

If you work with herbs and aromatherapy, you are more than likely an health conscious person. The effects and enjoyment you get from your herbs is considerably hampered if you have to burn them. Vaporizers have eliminated this need.

Put your herb into the bowl inside you Top-Vapor vaporizer. Switch on and wait for the vapour to form (about 3 minutes). You may notice that very little is actually visible inside the glass, however when you inhale through the mouthpiece, you will get a taste of the vapour.

The difference between vaporizing and smoking is that no carcinogens are emitted in the process, therefore you do not inhale these damaging molecules into your lungs.

You'll also find that you need only a tiny amount of herb to get an effect, which means you will spend a lot less!

Specifications for the Vaporite herbal and aromatherapy vaporizer:

  • Plastic Acrylic Base

  • Glass mouthpiece

  • New gnes heating element

  • Removable bowl

  • Heats up in about 3 minutes

  • 4 inch glass bubble cover.

  • Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz



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