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Flexitank Reservoir Water Tank

Flexitank Reservoir Water Tank

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100 liter28 490 Ft
225 liter36 490 Ft
400 liter64 491 Ft

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28 490 Ft

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The Flexitank Reservoir Water Tank is a practical nutrient tank that can also be used for water storage and hydroponic systems. It is easy to store or simple to fold, so it can fit in places where other water tanks do not. Assembly is quick and can be done without tools. Its design is robust, which is ensured by the reinforced seams and strong supports.

When closed, the dimensions of the container are as follows:

100 liters: 74 x 18 x 13 cm, own weight 2.1 kg
225 liters: 78.5 x 18 x 12.5 cm, own weight 2.7 kg
400 liters: 112 x 18.5 x 12.5 cm, own weight 3 kg
750 liters: 119 x 18 x 14cm, own weight 3 kg
1000 liters: 89 x 20 x 16cm, own weight 7.3 kg

Its stiffeners are made of strong plastic, it can be adjusted to the legs, it does not tip easily. The painted gauges on the side make it easy to read how much water is in it. The package also includes a plastic pin that can be mounted on the bottom. A watering hose can even be connected to make watering even easier. The top closes with a zipper, nothing falls into it.


100 liter28 490 Ft
225 liter36 490 Ft
400 liter64 491 Ft


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