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GSE fan controller (16 A)

GSE fan controller (16 A)

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The GSE fan controller (16 A) is a humidity and temperature controller for the intake and exhaust air fan - with 2 additional programmable outputs and an LCD display.

Technical characteristics

  • Pmax 16.0A
  • Umax 230V 50Hz
  • VAmax 3'600W
  • IP class: 54


  • 2 variable outputs for fans
  • 2 programmable outputs for devices
  • 1 temperature and humidity sensor with light sensor (air)
  • 1 temperature sensor (waterproof)

The 16-amp fan controller is constructed of a rugged, highly robust aluminum housing. Each output is max. Capable of loading 200 W per socket and all outputs together max. Capable of 600W / 16A load. In addition to the traditional temperature and humidity control, the 16-amp controller has 2 unique programmable sockets. These can be assigned to one of the two sensors or controlled by a timer function. It can set a large number of parameters that can be set individually for day / night, so it meets all needs.

Dimensions and specifications

  • case 120 x 180 x 80 mm (width x height x depth)
  • control 150 x 210 x 110 mm (width x height x depth)
  • voltage 230V / 50Hz / I max: 16A / 3'600W
  • Digital sensor measures 5V between -55 ° C and + 125 ° C (-67 ° F and + 257 ° F)
  • 0.5 ° C accuracy between -10 ° C and + 85 ° C
  • humidity accuracy +/- 3% RH max. tolerance @ 55% RH
  • protection IP54

Depending on the version, the controller is equipped with a USB port for data logging. All relevant measurement data and control signals are saved to a CSV file and can be evaluated later in Excel. The optional socket for the EC fan output provides 2 0-10 V or PWM (pulse width modulation) signals. The 16 A controller has a free opening for the pressure sensor, which controls the intake air fan depending on the pressure difference. The device has a 2 x 16 A fuse, which is the maximum permissible load for the entire controller. The appliance is supplied with a 2 m connection cable for connection to a standard 230 V / 16A household socket. The sensors come with a 4 m cable. The digital display and four navigation buttons make it easy to navigate the menu, and 6 LEDs indicate the current switching status. Among other things, settings such as display functions, memory frequency and languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) can be selected.

GSE Growthanalyzer free software

The USB version saves all data such as settings and measurements as a .csv file to the USB drive. This file can be analyzed with official (or any similar) software such as OpenOffice-Calc, MS-Excel, etc. (free download on the Download tab).


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