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Superthrive vitamin solution
Superthrive vitamin solution

Superthrive vitamin solution

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Superthrive vitamin solution is a special, non-toxic nutrient supplement for strengthening plants and achieving higher yields. A carefully selected, highly concentrated mixture of 50 types of vitamins and plant hormones, which can be used for any plant and in any growing medium under any climatic conditions. It can be used throughout the entire life cycle of plants, and is also suitable for treating seedlings sprouted from stems. It is able to restore plants in the worst condition, as well as increase the immunity of plants and protect them against various diseases. It stimulates growth, enhances root formation, increases the quantity and quality of the crop.

Even beginner gardeners and enthusiastic plant keepers can use it successfully, and very good results can be achieved with it. It is excellently suitable for the rehabilitation of plants affected by various stresses, as well as for supporting those growing in difficult, extreme conditions. Superthrive is not a nutrient solution, it does not induce their use.

Main characteristics

  • natural, non-toxic
  • improves plant vitality
  • revives stressed plants
  • reduces transplant shock
  • for all plant types
  • for all stages of growth


120 ml8 540 Ft
480 ml26 570 Ft


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