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Zydot Drink Mix urine purifier

Zydot Drink Mix urine purifier

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17 370 Ft

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The Zydot Drink Mix urine purifier begins to exert its effect after just one hour, and then covers the B vitamin requirement for 4-5 hours. Weight: 56 g, available in two flavors: orange / tropical.

The effect of creatine: creatine phosphate is produced in the liver from creatine and phosphate. This ensures that ADP can be converted back into ATP in the muscles. Thus, new energy reserves are again available to the body. Taking creatine can increase the concentration of creatine phosphate in muscle cells. In liquid, for example, creatine can lose its effect over time, so it should be consumed immediately after adding water.

Detectability of THC: 3-8 hours in blood depending on frequency (a few days - 3 months in urine depending on frequency). The majority of experts recommend testing urine samples, since urine can be obtained relatively easily and without causing injury if the sample supplier cooperates and provides appropriate local conditions. Almost all drug metabolites appear in urine and can be detected longer than in blood. However, the drug and metabolite content of the urine does not provide information on the degree of influence, the dose taken and the time of intake.

Attention! Our company is not a manufacturer, but only a distributor of the Zydot Euro Blend urine cleansing drink, therefore we do not guarantee its effectiveness and operation, we only guarantee access to the product!

Keep away from children!


tropical17 370 Ft
orange17 370 Ft


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