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Stainless steel straw (bombilla) with cleaning brush 19 cm (for

Stainless steel straw (bombilla) with cleaning brush 19 cm (for

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Stainless steel straw (bombilla) with cleaning brush 19 cm (for mate tea) is a straw specially made for mate tea with a filter tip. The filter is easy to remove and the straw is easy to wash with the cleaning brush included in the package (dishwasher safe).

Main characteristics

  • material: stainless steel
  • size: 19 cm
  • shape: curved
  • removable filter
  • with cleaning brush

What is a bombilla?
A bombilla (pronounced: bawm-bee-yah) is a device used to drink mate tea. Its special design prevents the leaves and stems of the yerba mate from being drunk by the mate consumer and from burning with hot water while drinking. The bombilla has three main components: the beak / boquilla, the neck and the filter. This is the main difference from a traditional metal straw - it’s not just a metal cylinder.


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