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Bio Nova AutoFlowering-SuperMix Nutrient
Bio Nova AutoFlowering-SuperMix Nutrient

Bio Nova AutoFlowering-SuperMix Nutrient

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Bio Nova Autoflower Supermix is a one-component SuperMix, specially formulated for autoflowering plants, with no specific need for longer or shorter daylight periods in order to start their flowering cycle.

This type of plant becomes more and more interesting because it produces beautiful flowers from seeds in around two months, and don´t need a whole lot of experience to work with. It is easier to come to nice results with these type of plants than with plants that are depending on long or short light periods for their flowering cycle. Because Bio Nova stands for new developments, a specially formulated fertilizer was created with these plants in mind, for easiness, simplicity and economy.

AutoFlowering-SuperMix works in the same way as the already existing Bio Nova SuperMixes and can just be fitted into our existing Schedules. Since the third week, when flowering starts, PK 13-14 as Superbloomer should be combined with Autoflowering-SuperMix along the flowering period.

That would be the basics. Of course with Bio Nova we have further options and for more dedicated growers you have Roots for the first weeks and our boosters X-ceL, TheMissingLink and our finaliser Vitrasol make a good team with AutoFlowering-SuperMix. If growing in medium pots, Bio Nova substrates are the perfect choice, our Coco fiber bricks or bags or the ready substrate Bio Nova Soilmix A-Quality.

AutoFlowering SuperMix has a NPK ratio of 5-2-5, a bit different from the other SuperMixes to adapt to the specific needs of the autoflowering plants. The trace elements are also adjusted and the addition of fermented algae guarantees a top result.

This fertilizer consists of:
- macro elements such as NO³, NH4, NH², SO4, P, K, Ca, Mg and Si
- chelated micro elements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo
- vitalising organic extracts from algae and herbs

Organic additives to AutoFlowering-Supermix like fermented algae and herbs featuring:
- stimulating of plants own hormone production and immune system, promoting a lower disease rate
- strengthening the root system
- cleaning the drip-emitter systems
- breaking down of died off roots in available nutrients
- preserving and stimulating beneficial microorganisms
- sustainable: usable in recirculation systems

All of the elements mentioned above are 100% pure and free of any profuse ingredients. Therefore this fertilizer is absorbed directly and easily.
AutoFlowering-SuperMix enhances an optimal substrat condition, actively stimulates root development and provides as a complete fertilizer for both growing- and floweringperiod.

Continuously min in 40-50 ml. per 10 liters of water.
In the first week of the growth a small dosage suffices. Build up from 20 ml. to 40 ml. during that period. From the second week the maximum dosage should be applied.
DOSAGE PK 13-14:
Start with 2 ml. in the second week and build up to 10 ml. per 10 liters.
In areas with a low calcium-value (soft water) Ca 15 should be added.


1 liter7 500 Ft
5 liter25 990 Ft


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