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If you growth on soil, growth on coco or growth on hydroponic systems, for hobby or for professional crops, you always try to get the highest possible quality with the maximum yield.

In research we see more often that the maximum yield can be only possible with the perfect climate and as natural as possible fertilisation. Even in backs of soil and agriculture soil is discovered that there are lacks of certain elements because of intensive cultivation.

These element can be found with deep plough or from the sea.

Metrop Hydroponics concentrated liquid fertilizers make these special elements liquid soluble in fertilizers that result in a much more maximum yield and gives the end product even growth in hydro culture a much better taste.

A modern fertilizer is very well balanced and always biological degradable and soluble

Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers are emulsie or suspension fertilizers that care for a maximum yield.

Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers are biologically degradable.

Metrop AminoXtreme

Metrop AminoXtrem bloom stimulator is a Bio stimulator based on synthesized free amino acids (SFAA's) and oligo peptides of low molecular weight (LWOP's). A quick absorption (90% in within 7 ...

Metrop Cal Green

Function: Calcium is a primary constituent of all cell walls and membranes. Restrictions in the availability of calcium will adversely affect cell division impair the structural stability and the ...

Metrop Enzymes

Metrop Enzymes is an enzyme complex designed to clean the growing medium from decomposing organic matter and accumulated mineral salts. During the increased decomposition, additional nutrients are ...

20 991 Ft
Metrop MAM

Metrop MAM motherplant fertilizer/clone production NPK 20-20-8+TE. Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers ! Make the motherplant strong = making clones strong ! Metrop MAM highest ...

Metrop MR1

Metrop MR1 grow fertilizer/growth fertilizer NPK 10-40-20. Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers ! Most phosphorus in a plant or tree is in the root ! The higher the phosphorus level ...

Metrop MR2

Metrop MR2 flower fertilizer/bloom fertilizer NPK 10-20-40. Dont buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers ! The more potassium to a fruit or flower, the fatter the fruit of flower ! For the ...

Metrop Root+

Metrop Root+ is a biological root stimulator. High quality plant extract containing all amino acids and vitamins for root and plant growth in any medium. It consists of enzymes from oxidoreductase, ...

20 991 Ft
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