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magna G&T: Full spectrum CBD oil (in MCT oil)
magna G&T: Full spectrum CBD oil (in MCT oil)

magna G&T: Full spectrum CBD oil (in MCT oil)

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CBD 2760mg 30% 10ml60 521 Ft

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60 521 Ft

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When only the strongest oil can help, choose the full-spectrum 30% CBD (cannabidiol) extract made with the specially formulated MCT oil.

The reliable, maximally strong CBD! 
This oil has a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. As
one of the methods leading to balanced well-being, this full-spectrum CBD preparation can be an
effective and reliable supplement. 

If you already have experience with the effects of CBD and need a higher dose, try our 30% MCT oil formula. MCT is an English acronym meaning medium chain fatty acids (triglycerides). The oil can be extracted from the fat of coconut and palm.
Its advantageous property compared to long-chain triglycerides is that it is easier to digest, puts less strain on the stomach and bile and is absorbed much more efficiently. MCT oil is stored less in our body, in return it is used as energy, our body uses it as an energy source.
Although much research is still needed, the beneficial role of MCT oil is thought to be discovered in some neurological diseases as well.
This product is perfect for full-spectrum, high-concentration CBD due to the properties of MCT oil. CBD is a useful ingredient in hemp that is not as psychoactive as the known THC. A number of beneficial effects have been observed, including neuroprotective (protective effect on nerve cells) anti-inflammatory and analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-anxiety.


CBD 2760mg 30% 10ml60 521 Ft


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