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Coco Bricks 600 gr
Coco Bricks 600 gr

Coco Bricks 600 gr

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1 piece270 Ft
10 pieces2 520 Ft

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270 Ft

Product code: GRO0848


This block of compressed coconut results into 10 litres of ready-to-use coconut substrate after adding 3,5 - 4  litres of water to it.
Furthermore its volume will increase approximately tenfold.
As a result of its initial size the substrate is fairly easy to transport.
Compared to regular peat substrate (potting soil) coco substrate has a great number of benefits, which are:

- it is easy to use
- it has the low EC value of < 0.8 mS/cm
- it has the ideal pH value of 5.8
- it stimulates a perfect root development
- the coco substrate is not compact which makes it easy to drain
- it is a light product: 85 kg/m3 (peat substrate weighs 125 kg/m3)
- coconut has a good and swift water absorption
- coco substrate can be re-used
- the use of coconut often leads to a higher yield compared to other substrates


1 Fill a bucket or tank with 3,5 - 4 litres of water
2 Let one block of Coco Brick swell up in the water
3 Stir the mixture thoroughly after about 30 minutes and you will have approximately 10 litres of ready-to-use substrate.


1 piece270 Ft
10 pieces2 520 Ft


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