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EZ test MDMA drugtest

EZ test MDMA drugtest

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3 190 Ft

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The EzTest MDMA drug test was developed to identify the purity level of MDMA. The EZ tests can be used to determine with high accuracy the purity of the MDMA to be tested - the darker the indicator, the higher the purity.

The test uses a chemical reagent absorbed in silica gel and stored in a glass ampoule. Adding a sample to this, if a reaction occurs, a color change occurs. This color should be compared with the color chart in the instructions on the package, which shows what material is still in the sample. The EZ-Test is easy to use and does not require any training. See the instructions for use for the test steps. The color scale on the test makes it easy to identify the substance detected.

Although the indicator changes color, the substance may not be pure, as there may be other (contaminating) substances in the sample in addition to the active substance detected. Furthermore, EZ tests are not able to detect the amount of active substance, they only detect its presence. If the unopened ampoule is damaged, contact the dealer from whom it was purchased. EZ-Tests are not urine tests, so the presence of drugs cannot be detected in the urine, but in the substance itself or in a sample taken from it.

Place of Origin: EU (Netherlands)


1 piece3 190 Ft
10 pieces22 990 Ft


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