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Phytolite PhytoLED GX100 Full Cycle 66W

Phytolite PhytoLED GX100 Full Cycle 66W

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With the “Quantum GX Professional” brand line, Phytolite raised the pole to a high level on the gardening LED light market. Swedish engineering in itself ensures its advantage to other LED lamps.

One important feature of the GX line is that the LED panels are quickly and easily interchangeable. This makes repairing very easy for those gardeners who do not like to take care of repairing. It is also very important that if we take out a panel, the others will still light. This not only means that we can easily switch between full cycle/vegetative/bloom LEDs, but also that future developments will be available for this unit. We can also purchase the “real vision” panel for a more aesthetic lighting used in orchid gardens and restaurant kitchens.

Phytoled GX features:

  • Professional LED lighting
  • Easy, quick assembly and repairing. No need to take apart the whole unit.
  • Upgradable and robust
  • Optical lens for optimal light distribution: 90 and 120 degree lenses
  • “Turbo Cooling System” – vents and aluminium radiators inside for long life, even in extreme conditions
  • Every unit comes with 1 year warranty, extendable to 2 years on the official Phytolite website
  • Separate power supply for all panels – if one breaks, the others will still light. This means that our plants won’t get shock in case of an unexpected error. Also, repairing will be safe and easy.
  • 50x50cm growing area

Compared to PhytoLED NX, the GX line is continuously upgradable, comes with extra cooling system, and exra optical lens. The GX line has so big vents that the even move some of the air in the growbox. They are produced with top quality electronic components, and the LED lights can be changed without taking apart the whole unit.

LED diodes W

3 W

LED life expectancy

50.000 óra


220 V AC

working temp.


Vents diameter


Vents life expect.

50.000 óra


36.5 × 17.5 x 11 cm




3.5 kg

Total W


LED diodes #


Suggested grow area



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