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ADWA ECO209 digital pH monitor
ADWA ECO209 digital pH monitor

ADWA ECO209 digital pH monitor

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The ADWA ECO209 digital pH monitor is an excellent tool for the proper adjustment of the pH value. When growing plants, it is essential to set the appropriate chemical effect. We adapt to the needs of the cultivated plant in order to achieve the best absorption of nutrients, while the appearance of pests, fungi and unwanted plants can also be avoided by skillfully calibrating the pH. It is very important to know that the chemistry of the nutrient solution used changes with the passage of time and temperature, starting from mixing.

ADWA provides top-of-the-range products for spying measurement. With this measuring device, you can continuously monitor the current pH value of the nutrient solution or medium. The gel-filled pH electrode is replaceable and specially designed for the needs of gardeners.
The open inlet system provides greater protection against clogging, which extends the life of the measuring head.

Measuring range: pH 0.0 - 14.0
Resolution: pH 0.1
accuracy: pH +/- 0.2
Automatic temperature compensation

Never immerse the probe in highly concentrated acid or alkali! (E.g. undiluted pH minus liquid)
Never use the device to test hot liquids, as this can damage the probe!
A possible bubble in the probe can also be caused if the probe has been exposed to high temperatures. The air bubble itself does not cause a problem, because it rises up during measurement, so it stays away from the sensor part.


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