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Bluelab Guardian monitor (pH, EC and temperature)

Bluelab Guardian monitor (pH, EC and temperature)

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The Bluelab Guardian monitor (pH, EC and temperature) allows you to monitor the most important parameters of pH, EC and temperature continuously (24/7). No manual measurements and on-site inspections are required; instead, only the pH and nutrient need to be adjusted. By tracking fluctuations in the three basic parameters of nutrient intake, it is possible to solve problems at the exact place and time of occurrence - and keeping the parameters constant will result in healthier plants developing.

Main characteristics

  • continuous pH, EC and temperature monitoring
  • large backlit display for instant viewing (adjustable brightness)
  • high and low alarms that warn if the parameters are out of range
  • simple pH calibration function with on-screen instructions
  • 2 meter cable length for best positioning and viewing
  • flexible mounting options for walls, columns and scaffolding
  • easy to clean display for a clean environment
  • waterproof

Although conductivity and temperature calibration is not required, the monitor's pH probe should be calibrated regularly. Bluelab's pH Calibration and EC Maintenance kit contains everything you may need to clean, maintain and calibrate your probes.


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