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Secret Jardin Intense Growtent
Secret Jardin Intense Growtent

Secret Jardin Intense Growtent

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Secret Jardin INT300490 000 Ft
Secret Jardin INT600789 999 Ft

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490 000 Ft

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- Made of Orca Film: Get 20% more direct light and 50% more undirect light (See graphics) 

- Improved thermal protection shield 

- Aluminum Ø30 mm tubes with massive corners 

- Fully equiped allowing all possible configurations including handling tubes

- 30 cm height option available allowing 245 and 275 cm heights!!!

2 sizes available :

  • INT300 (300x360x242cm)
  • INT600 (600x300x215cm)



Why choosing the Intense line to equipe your building:


- Create independent rooms for different plants and different stages. 


- Get 30% more light and more protection with the Orca. 


- Decrease your heating and electricity bills by three. 


- Control each atmosphere and each lighting conditions accurately and independently. 


- Protect your building from climate changes. 


- Keep intact your building: No modification required. 


- Divide risks of contamination and bad yields.


- Optimize your work load by spreading it all over the year. 


- Setup an entire building in two days instead of two weeks. 


Secret Jardin INT300490 000 Ft
Secret Jardin INT600789 999 Ft


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