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The tradition of smoking a pipe goes back more than 2,500 years. Due to their efficiency and ease of use, pipes have been used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years to smoke tobacco and herbs. A convenient and time-efficient way to smoke a dry herbal and tobacco mixture. Its use provides a fast and relaxing experience.


  • wooden pipe
  • glass pipe
  • ceramic pipe
  • metal pipe
  • corn cob pipe
  • quartz pipe


Carved ebony pipe with cobra pattern 15 cm

Wonderful wooden pipe with beautiful cobra carvings, made of ebony wood. Length: 15 cm

Spiral glass Kawumm pipe (with 3 spirals) 20 cm

Glass spiral kawuumm pipe with 3 spirals. Length: 20 cm Material: borosilicate glass

Animal-shaped glass pipe (penguin) 7.5 cm

Colorful penguin pipe made of thick glass. The thick glass body cools down the smoke.  Material: heat resistant glass length: 7,5 cm

Bracelet pipe

Unique wooden pipe disguised as a bracelet. Available in 3 different colors: red, black and beige.

Carved ebony pipe with cobra pattern 10 cm

The Pipe in ebony wood with screw carved cobra pattern (10 cm) is an elegantly curved, beautiful pipe for lovers of naturalness. Length: 10 cm.

Carved ebony pipe with cobra pattern 26,7 cm

The Pipe in ebony wood with a screw-carved cobra pattern (26,7 cm) is an elegantly curved, beautiful pipe for lovers of naturalness. Length: 26,7 cm.

Carved wooden pipe 21 cm

Wonderful wooden pipe with beautiful carvings, made of two types of wood. Length: 21 cm

Curved glass pipe with leaf pattern 9 cm

Curved Glass pipe with leaf pattern. Material: heatproof glass Length: 9cm

Fimo metal pipe

Metal smoking pipe with FIMO clay design.

Fimo metal pipe (snake design)

Unique metal pipe with snake design made of FIMO clay. Available in three different colours. Length: 10 cm Please write the desired color in the comment box while ordering. Otherwise the color ...

Foldable metal pipe 9 cm

This metal pipe is a great project for anyone who likes to build things to smoke out of! It starts out as a flat metal piece about the size of a credit card. The panels are labeled and scored, so if ...

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What types of pipes are there?

Wooden pipe
Durable and rustic, it never goes out of style. It is made using a variety of hardwoods including rosewood, oak, walnut, maple and tiger wood. Due to its natural appearance, it also functions as an imaginative gift, but it can also serve as a decorative element. We recommend it to smokers looking for extra quality and traditional types.

Glass pipe
It is durable, simple, but available in more and more special designs. An easy-to-use, affordable alternative that provides reliable performance. It does not contain or emit any chemicals that could impair the taste and quality, so if this is the deciding factor, a glass pipe is the best choice.

Ceramic pipe
It has the most creative appearance possible, you can choose from many shapes, colors and patterns. It is heavy, but fragile, so it is a good choice for home use.

Metal pipe
Extremely durable, an excellent choice for active outdoor pipe smokers who like to smoke even on the go. However, since they can leave an unpleasant taste behind, they need regular cleaning.

Corn cob pipe
One of the most natural pipes - practical, mobile, a popular member of festivals and outdoor programs... and even Popeye, the sailor uses it!

Quartz pipe
The most elegant type of pipes, it takes pipe smoking to a new level. A mineral pipe is an excellent choice for spiritual souls. Durable and easy to clean pipe.

How to clean the pipe?

Regular cleaning is part of the use of pipes, so that they can provide the same smoking experience even after a long time. Without regular cleaning, residues accumulate in the pipes, which lead to clogging and negatively affect the taste of the smoke.


  1. Shake off the pipe residue from the cooled pipe.
  2. Fill the pipe with isopropyl alcohol and salt (a teaspoon of salt for a 10 cm pipe).
  3. Close the holes with your finger and shake the pipe vigorously for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Pour out the mixture, then put the pipe in a resealable plastic bag (it is advisable to choose a bag instead of a container due to moving it around) and fill it with alcohol until the pipe is submerged. Add salt (the salt acts as a scrubber in areas where the sponge or brush cannot reach).
  5. Let the pipe soak for about 12 hours (this will give the alcohol enough time to dissolve most of the resin). It is worth shaking/moving the bag/container from time to time.
  6. After soaking, wash the pipe with hot water and then let it dry.


The Pipe Cleaner and the Bong Cleaner Brush can be a great help for cleaning a pipe. Bong cleaner Schmand Weg powder is also an effective solution, which is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that does not leave any aftertaste. The following products can also come in handy for pipe cleaning without the need for completeness:


The best thing you can do is clean your pipe often. The more you clean, the easier it will be. This way you can ensure that your chosen pipe will last you a lifetime and provide a relaxing experience every time.